Victoria Raiser is an entrepreneur and filmmaker who has been focussing on creative industries since the beginning of her career. Raiser acquired an extensive design, visual arts, marketing and brand building background before co-founding a successful fashion start up. As CEO she grew the company into an international business with stores in Europe and the US.

Raiser transitioned into the film industry in 2003 where she leveraged her experience in fundraising and starting and executing creative projects from scratch, while supporting the creative process at hand. In 2007 she founded her own production company Liria Films. To date she has written, directed and produced 4 independent feature films and is the co-creator of an interactive on-line video game to be released in 2015. In addition Raiser is a freelance consultant to several Silicon Valley tech companies on targeted content creation and distribution.

Raiser also serves on the board of the San Francisco Film Society.  Through SFFS she now actively supports the San Francisco International Film Festival, Filmmaker 360 (a grant program to Filmmakers – recent success stories are “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, "Fruitvale Station" and “Short Term 12”), and SFFS’ educational media outreach to over 10,000 bay area students.