Sankari is a game-changing, online, multiplayer video game targeted at players ages 6-80 via exciting explorations and missions on every continent, and with riveting violence-free gameplay cast in superior fidelity for this market, players are given the opportunity to make the real world a better place. Sankari connects both the virtual and the real world in a socially networked setting that is gripping, super fun, instructive, feel-good and arrestingly novel.

The team behind Sankari is led by video game developers and producers whose titles have generated over $3 billion in revenue – among them NFL Fever, Lord of the Rings, James Bond, Spiderman, X-Men, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Transformers. They're complemented by proven veterans from the film, non profit/grantmaking and consumer marketing worlds – each squarely on-point with Sankari's mission.  The Beta-Version of the game will be released in 2015.  

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